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Why Choose Earnest Watkins For Quality Countertops?

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Discover how beautiful your home can be with Quality Countertops by Earnest Watkins Construction.

Quality Materials:
We offer solid surface, granite, and engineered stone countertops for your home. Backed by experience, our family-owned-and-operated company offers custom products for your commercial and residential needs. Just fax, e-mail, or call us with your measurements and we will schedule a consultation for you with very little wait time.
We at Earnest Watkins Construction understand the importance of customer service and pride ourselves in making you our first priority. In addition to countertops, we offer installation of our products for your shower and bathtub surrounds. Whether your project is bathroom remodeling or custom kitchen design, Earnest watkins Construction Quality Countertops is the company for you! Give your home the gift of beauty.