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earnest-watkinsWe provide our clients with the highest quality construction and materials.

We are honest and hard working. We will give the same service that we would provide to our own families. We proudly go the extra mile to ensure our clients satisfaction. We guarantee: Our job is not done until our clients are completely satisfied. We look forward to working with you! Owner, Founder – Earnest Watkins
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Quality Countertops

Quality Materials: We offer solid surface, granite and engineered stone countertops for your home. Backed by experience, our family-owned-and-operated company offers custom products for your commercial and residential needs.[fancy_link color=”#800000″ float=”right” link=”http://earnestwatkinsconstruction.net/quality-countertops/”]Read more…[/fancy_link]
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Quality Cabinets

At Earnest Watkins Construction, We Build High Quality and High End Custom Cabinetry. We aim for perfection and pay close attention to the smallest details throughout the entire design and development process. We strive for the highest quality work on every project.[fancy_link color=”#800000″ float=”right” link=”http://earnestwatkinsconstruction.net/quality-cabinets/”]Read more…[/fancy_link][/spoiler]
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Quality Finish Carpentry

Allow our experienced team to impart charm, elegance and true value where memories will be made and an investment you can reap. Our specialist will make your dreams become a reality and set your home apart from others.[fancy_link color=”#800000″ float=”right” link=”http://earnestwatkinsconstruction.net/finish-carpentry/”]Read more…[/fancy_link][/spoiler]
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Professional Painting

Painting and staining are some of the easiest ways to improve the look of your home and property. There are benefits to hiring a painting contractor like Earnest Watkins Construction to do the job for you. We can transform a property from run down to looking good with just a few swipes of a brush.[fancy_link color=”#800000″ float=”right” link=”http://earnestwatkinsconstruction.net/professional-interior-painting/”]Read more…[/fancy_link][/spoiler]
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Exterior Paint & Stain

When it comes to Exterior Paint & Stain, probably the single most important aspect of exterior house painting, besides quality of exterior paint, is the quality and thoroughness of preparation; readying the house surface prior to painting.[fancy_link color=”#800000″ float=”right” link=”http://earnestwatkinsconstruction.net/exterior-paint-stain/”]Read more…[/fancy_link][/spoiler]
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Quality Tile

Good Design: Beautiful and practical tile work begins with great design. While some people have a knack for imagining what they want; others would appreciate some help. Earnest Watkins Construction has the experience to help you design your tile so you will enjoy the results long after the job is done.[fancy_link color=”#800000″ float=”right” link=”http://earnestwatkinsconstruction.net/quality-tile/”]Read more…[/fancy_link][/spoiler]

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